Taking some time…


I’m off on an adventure on Thursday. Off to pick up the grand-daughter and bringing her home for a week. So excited, lots planned especially cuddles and eating copious amounts of ‘minty chocolates’ as she calls Matchmakers…

It’s August already, how did that happen? Here’s a lovely new calendar page for you, with a photo of my latest mouse, inspired by Andy Warhol who was actually born on the 6th of August 1928.

Minimalist Colored Photo Calendar (1).png

and if you want to download the August Warhol  in PDF form.

Speaking of which, here he is in all his gloriousness! Yes, I painted that mini Monroe, sadly it’s not as good as the real thing LOL!

If you follow my facebook page, you’ll see me whooping it up about my ‘Garcia’ mouse. A few months ago I sent off my little Penelope Garcia mouse and low and behold on Twitter & Instagram last night, I finally saw it, on her desk!! I’m not joking. Thank you to Kirsten Vangsness for being so bloody lovely.


I’m sure I’ve bored you all silly enough with me whittering on about it but I’m so damn chuffed. I’ve loved this character for so long, being a complete net/computer nerd (and being a web developer in a past life) with a penchant for strange clothes/hair stuff myself, I love her LOL!

Right, time and tweed wait for no woman, things to make, things to faff with!


Have a great week you gorgeous people and remember #getyourbiggirlpantson!

2 thoughts on “Taking some time…”

  1. Enjoy your week with the grand daughter, mines just starting a month of shows at the Edinburgh Fringe, with their own small theatre company founded last year after six of them left Twickenham University, with Theatre/Acting degrees. I’m so proud of her, and in just over a week I shall do the long trek up to Edinburgh to watch them. They have just performed at Richmond and won a very prestigious award. Oh to have descendants growing up and making us so proud is indeed heartwarming, can’t wait to see her on the 15th.


    1. Anne, you must be so proud! That’s an amazing achievement! I had a wonderful time with the grand-daughter, she’s the image of her mother at that age and just as sassy lol. My daughter is a brilliant mum and manages to juggle that with her own business as well as being a contributor to Simply Crochet (she does their youtube tutorials) I don’t know where she finds the time. I did need a good rest though after the little one went home 🙂


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