Christmas planning….

Every year, I make the grand-daughter a decoration for the Christmas tree. Last year I made a padded hessian robin so this year I thought I’d improve and go for a full on 3d standing bird. I can make bugs, they have a hell of a lot more legs than birds, so how hard can this be. Oh the folly of self confidence.

I spent the past week doing my research, looking at some very talented artists who frankly took my breath away with their work. Take a look at Donya Coward’s ‘Magpie’ – this is a truly stunning 3d piece. I know there are lots of very clever bird crafters on Facebook, including Annette Mackie – I’ve been after one of her little birds for so long but as you can imagine, they sell out very fast. Anyway, during my search I went back to Ann Wood’s page – you might remember that I mentioned her before because she gave a great tip about creating legs using wire and florist tape. Well she also sells a pattern to make her little birds. here.

I have tons of red fabric but not a lot of brown although I did have a wonderful pack of felt.


There was the mistake right there. Gorgeous to look at, fabulous to work with but not for this project. That’s the benefit of hindsight! Anyway, Ann’s pattern is really easy to follow and she even links to a youtube video to give you that extra bit of guidance. Here’s the finished article.

Robin 1

I’m not too sure about the stitching down the back and if I make any more I probably won’t do it. I also think he needed more stuffing but this felt has a huge amount of stretch factor going on. I stuffed it as much as I could but could feel it ‘giving’.

Robin 2

Check out those knees! I created the knobbly bit by using a sequin with a bead stuck to it, which I put under the florist’s tape….ignore the feet, I’m not entirely sure what was going on there!

Below is the finished article standing next to a mug and a cotton reel to give you some idea of size. BTW If you don’t know who Jensen Ackles is, I suggest you google him, you won’t be disappointed 🙂

robin 3

I’m off to the fabric shop later to see what browns they have in stock, I really want to make another one of these and give it the bead and embellishment treatment. But I’m also considering making a plain washed linen one and seeing how that turns out. If you want to have a go, check out the link above to Ann’s page and buy the pattern. It’s so inexpensive and worth far more than she sells it for.

Support our artists and designers, don’t rip them off.