I finally remembered that I had a blog…..

There don’t seem to be enough hours in the day to do all this stuff as well as the creating and making. I read other creative blogs and can’t figure out how they do it as well as design, make, pack, post, marketing etc. I suppose if I’ve got time to read those blogs, I have time to blog.

But it slips my mind, as simple as that. Then I remember, usually when I’m in the middle of something. All hope is lost at that point!

Anyway….latest updates, get a cup of tea, you may be sometime. I advise a biscuit or a piece of cake for when you reach boredom level critical mass.

The Happy Couple

I had the pleasure a few weeks ago to be asked to make a bridal couple of the little birds. During a couple of conversations with the ‘bride’ we pinned down several details that enabled me to customise the birds so that they fit in with the wedding.

The groom will be wearing a light grey tweed waistcoat and a dai (this is a traditional welsh flat cap) cap on the day. I had no clue how to make this item until the daughter suggested needle felting it. I’ve never needle felted, I’m shocking with normal needles, there’s too much opportunity for injury with a multi headed gadget but luckily the small kit came with leather finger and thumb covers. Anyway, it worked!!

better light

For his lapel, I used very thin wire and resin dip to make a small cream buttonhole. The bride was a joy to embellish, with ribbons and lace for her train and pearly beads over organza covered wings.

With those extra details added on, the happy couple were complete and because she was my very first wedding commission, I sent the bride a smaller version of the bride, a little flower girl.

flower girl bird

I keep planning to make a few couples and put them onto Etsy but apart from not having the time, (I finish one commission only to have another one) I also really enjoy the discussions about the little extra details. It is an incredible honour to be asked to contribute something for someone’s big day.

If you are interested in something special for your big day, please send me a message via Facebook (links on the right) or leave me a comment on this post and I’ll get back to you.

Flaming Flamingos!!

alice flamingo

Once I finished the Crane for the giveaway, I was pretty happy with how the pattern turned out, this was a pattern that I’d designed, I’d tweaked and made work. It was a definite ‘squee’ moment. ┬áThe natural progression for me, as a massive fan of colour, was the Flamingo. All that gorgeous pinkness?? Definitely.

I had a blast with the first one, really went to town with the feathers which I hand sewed on, took me forever. It was a real labour of love and I know that her new owner loves her. These larger scale birds leave a lot more scope for embellishment and that’s always been a big part of crafting for me, making the basic, beautiful.


I can tell you, trying to get her to stand on one leg is a feat of engineering….

flamenco side Flamenco side on

The beak is made from blended polymer clays, really tricky to get right and even having made another one since, it’s still trial and error. I promise myself at some point, that I WILL make one for myself.

I’m still making some small birds from the Ann Wood pattern (the bridal couple etc) which is available from Ann’s page http://www.annwoodhandmade.com – it is a fantastic pattern, worth every penny. Buy the pattern and have a go, you may not get it right on the first or second try (I’m pretty sure I was still getting it wrong by bird 20 – apologies to those early bird buyers) but you will.

She’s just released her ‘Owl’ pattern and you have NO idea how hard it is to resist buying it. I want to. Desperately.

But I know that if I buy that, I won’t push myself with trying to design my own patterns and work on my birds and bugs. I must resist. I’m pretty sure resistance is futile when it comes to those patterns tho’. Ann Wood’s designs are amazing and I promise myself to save up for one of her owls. Whilst being able to make my own would be good, owning one that she has made would be the cherry on the knickerbocker glory!

Right, must stop typing NOW. Things to wrap ready for posting, house to blitz and if I get a minute, time to work on my crow for my ensemble piece ‘A murder of crows’. So far I’ve done one body, no wings, no feet, just the body. I guess he could be the victim……

Have a great weekend!!!