I should have started sketching years ago…

I mean, I’ve always doodled or drawn, whether it’s quick sketches or filling in a notepad page while chatting on the phone but with my work, I tend to just have an idea in my head and go from there. Most of my birds have taken shape properly, after a third or fourth pattern attempt. But recently, after making several little birds with butterfly applique, I had the grand idea of trying to put my little birds onto a stamp and using that for lavender bags. This idea hasn’t panned out, although I still have the Speedball linocut block at the ready, just in case.

I was sketching and colouring in one of my birds when I started sketching a mouse.


And the rest they say…is history. I have been having a blast, working on improving the shapes, making the bases neater and easier. I’ve also improved the shape I think.


I really thought this would be it but my brain has been working overtime and I’ve been adding more and more work to these little mice, giving them real characters. Here’s a few of the most popular ones.


Last but not least, I also made some small Angel Mice. These lovely little mice were so nice to make and it was a really special thing for me to know that they were bought by people as reminders or gifts for people who had lost loved family or friends.


I’ll add these to my portfolio page and will continue to do so as I add more variations. If you are interested in any of my mice or birds but can’t see any on my Etsy shop, please send me a message on my FB page and I’ll see what I can do . Some of these mice sell very quickly, within a


Have a great weekend x

Keeping busy…

I have found my creative mojo. There’s no telling how long I’ll keep it for this time so I’m making the most of every day!

As you know, I already design my own patterns for my larger embellished birds, like the peacock, swan etc. Lots of trial and error goes into those birds, even after I’ve used the pattern many times I’m still tweaking and adjusting.

swan main

But with my little birds, it was pure laziness that kept me going back to the fabulous pattern that started all of this, the Ann Wood Handmade pattern.

I had a massive clean up of my craft room, which had (to my shame) got in a bit of a state in recent months. It meant that I rediscovered so many different fabrics that I knew I needed to start using them or it was just a waste. It was this that got me fiddling around with paper and fabric to work on my own pattern. It’s very basic because I prefer the decoration aspect rather than the construction.

I know that my larger birds are out of the price range of many people (me included to be honest) but because of the sheer amount of work and hours that goes into them, I can’t realistically charge a small amount. I wanted to make a bird that can be affordable to most.

My first diversion with the birds has been to use fabric with lovely images on and incorporate them into the design. I had some gorgeous butterfly and peacock fabrics which were perfect.

Unfortunately I have a limited amount of these fabrics and the fabric shop that I use is low on them as well, so I’ll be sourcing more of this type of pattern.

My little ‘Birds and the Bees’ range has come into being purely by accident. I managed to find a shape that I was happy with and was messing around with putting embroidery on the bird itself when I realised that maybe the wings would be a better canvas. This resulted in my first, a vibrant green bird with a little ladybird on the wing.

ladybird 1

This has turned into quite a collection of birds with embellishment as you can see below.

Both of these collections have sold very quickly and I know that some of you have missed out. I will be making more of different fabric and embroidery combinations but if you see a design that you like, send me a message on Facebook (you’ll also find more images of the birds on there) and I’ll see what I can do. Remember, it won’t be exactly the same, the shape will differ and I will make the embroidery slightly different so that each bird retains it’s uniqueness.

You can also follow me on Instagram, Twitter and of course on my Etsy shop, where I currently have a few birds and where I try to upload a bird on a regular basis at the moment.

So, make the most of my creative mojo, it’ll likely be moving on soon!!!

The Craft Butterfly…

This is what I should probably rename my facebook page because I have flitted from one thing to another this past ten days or so. I finally finished some orders last week, little wedding couples flew off to their new homes and thought I’d make something new. I’d already made a dragonfly before but wanted to have another go, this time much smaller – brooch sized in fact. He’s now available for sale on my facebook page until 6pm Thursday the 1st of October, it’s open bidding as I’m totally unsure what to charge. I will only be making this one though, so when it’s gone, it’s gone. You can find it here http://www.facebook.com/itshangingbyathread

As you know, my daughter runs Yarntistry, that amazing crochet page full of cacti characters. I can’t crochet, it looks like I’ve dropped spaghetti, stomped on it and then tried to put it back together so she offered to teach me so that I could crochet something easy while watching tv at night.


I bought some beautiful wool, Riot chunky in ‘Potash’ which although beautiful to look at, is shedding fluff at a great rate. The photo above is from last week, it’s now cot size 🙂 but I ran out of wool…LOL so have ordered another 5 balls. The daughter said that teaching me to crochet was like teaching someone with Tourettes…

Then onto the third craft of the week…

Needle Felting. I’m of the firm belief that this craft was created in the 7th circle of hell. I bought some finger protectors in the end because my finger was starting to resemble a piece of fillet steak. It might look easy but it’s not. I’m determined not to let it beat me though. I’m trying to make a sloth, the daughter is a massive fan of them and I wanted to make one that will hang on a rail in her workspace.


The husband asked if it was a racoon. I rest my case.

I can’t seem to settle on one thing at the moment, I’m not sure if it’s because the seasons have changed and it’s all about burrowing in for the winter soon or what but it would be lovely to knuckle down to one thing without feeling like I want to be doing a million other things….

Exciting times!!

If any of you follow my facebook page, you will know (because I never shut up about it) that we are in the process of moving house. Continue reading Exciting times!!

Deep breath out….

It’s finished! Mr Stinkbug has wings and antenna and is awaiting a suitable frame and image to perch on. His body, legs and wings will be moved around into a more realistic position in the finished project.

finished 2

I think I finally broke my creative block. It is nice to see him finished (almost) and after yesterday’s bead disaster – I had about 100 beads laid out on a bead mat which I stupidly put my needle into for one second, pulled the needle out and the bead mat went flying! I tried picking up the beads using one of those sticky clothes rollers but after two minutes of that, my patience deserted me and out came the hoover!


Finished bug


that faceLook at that face!!!