So here is the Queen Bee outfit and it’s lovely model Lianne Gibson. The stylist Laura created a fantastic beehive hair style including antennae made of hair and used my honeybee as a main accessory. I also revamped a very basic crown that we bought online, with a soft silk and organza padded ‘cushion’ that I decorated with beads.

queen bee 3 queen bee 2 queen bee outfit

Here are the photos shortly before Lianne walked down the catwalk and I should hopefully have some more photos later 

No sewing till next week for me, I sliced a chunk out of the ring finger on my sewing hand, unloading tea spoons from the dishwasher of all things. First World problems I know.

Must have caught it on the plastic cutlery holder. Either way, it’s incredibly sore and causing all sorts of issues.


Queen Bee

I was asked to make a couple of elements to be incorporated into a hair style for a fashion show at the hairdressing college. The theme is based around a Queen Bee. So we decided that there would be a crown and one of my bees but this time a honey bee.

I didn’t make the crown but if I ever need one again, I will. I only paid £7 for it so I shouldn’t have expected too much.

Here are a few photos of the bee – the fashion show is later today and I’ll have more photos after that.

Mr Boney Maloney

NOT a bug or creepy crawly although it can be said to be a little creepy. A friend of mine sent me a photo of a hair clip with a skeletal hand on it and asked if I could create something similar out of fabric and beads. I took up the challenge…..and here it is.

The hand was originally constructed of wire for the fingers which I then added fabric, wadding and organza too. The fingers are bendable so that whatever position on the head, this is placed in, the fingers can be arranged to look the best they can. There are glass and petite antique beads on the felt covered sinamay fascinator base and tiny beads sewn onto the veiling as well.

It’s modelled on my almost life size doll’s head ‘Lady Persephone’ or Persie to me.

Monsieur Beetle

I’m going to gush now. This was my favourite make. It still is. Everything about this creation makes me feel incredibly proud, from the beetle to the dung ball. I know it’s an odd subject but once I’d done the beetle I got so carried away with the whole setting.

The dung ball was so much fun to make!


I know that on my facebook page, this is one of the most popular bugs. I’ve lots of great feedback from some lovely people who think it’s lovely. And it is. But when I look at it now, I can see so many mistakes, the wings are again, tatty and it just doesn’t look right. However, the colours are beautiful and I even stunned myself with the lily pad which only took me 40 minutes. Imagine what I could have done if I’d really worked at it.