It’s been so long….

since I posted anything!

We are still trying to tackle the garden of this beautiful house that we moved into last year, so whenever there has been a lovely day, I’m out there, if not weeding, then sunbathing 🙂

I managed to finish a small Snowy Owl, he’s still available on my etsy shop by the way.

I may not have made very many birds but tried a few new techniques. I know that my work, especially the larger pieces can be quite expensive so I really wanted to make some more affordable pieces but still retain the artistic and unique elements of my work.

I played around with fabric paints, there was a disaster which went in the bin, then a lovely robin, which gave me a little more confidence.


Then I tried a flamingo, a lot smaller than the usual ones and bloody hell that was tricky doing that neck and beak! He’s ended up as a giveaway prize as although he’s lovely, I didn’t feel as though I could charge anyone for him…


Then another Robin but this time with some embroidery elements, taking it back to my embellished birds.

And the most recent one, a Blue Tit!


Both of these birds are available on my Folksy shop 🙂

I’m not sure where I’m going next. It’s really hard to get motivated at the moment with so much else going on. It’s a strong consideration to wind the business down at the moment as well. Registering as a sole trader, having to do those bloody tax returns takes a lot of joy out of creating for me and am entering CBA (Can’t be Arsed) mode again.

I’m such a child! LOL.

Have a great weekend!

All is quiet….

Not a lot to report on the crafting/creativity front. I had a bit of a fall last week, missed my footing on the stairs, went down 3 of the steps on my left butt cheek and wrenched a shoulder. As well as twisting an already painful elbow and walloping my wrist.

So I’ve eased myself back into the sewing with a little light machine embroidery. This here bug will be embellished and framed and going in the living room. We are expecting a new sofa set and it will change the look of the room totally, so I’m trying to get some accessories knocked up to add to the look.


that flat bug

I’ll post some more photos as it progresses!


So here is the Queen Bee outfit and it’s lovely model Lianne Gibson. The stylist Laura created a fantastic beehive hair style including antennae made of hair and used my honeybee as a main accessory. I also revamped a very basic crown that we bought online, with a soft silk and organza padded ‘cushion’ that I decorated with beads.

queen bee 3 queen bee 2 queen bee outfit

Here are the photos shortly before Lianne walked down the catwalk and I should hopefully have some more photos later 

No sewing till next week for me, I sliced a chunk out of the ring finger on my sewing hand, unloading tea spoons from the dishwasher of all things. First World problems I know.

Must have caught it on the plastic cutlery holder. Either way, it’s incredibly sore and causing all sorts of issues.


Queen Bee

I was asked to make a couple of elements to be incorporated into a hair style for a fashion show at the hairdressing college. The theme is based around a Queen Bee. So we decided that there would be a crown and one of my bees but this time a honey bee.

I didn’t make the crown but if I ever need one again, I will. I only paid £7 for it so I shouldn’t have expected too much.

Here are a few photos of the bee – the fashion show is later today and I’ll have more photos after that.

A Superior Wasp

This one ranks up there with my dung beetle. I love it. I love it so much that I’m keeping it. It now sits next to my laptop on my desk where I do all my creating.

I’ve started incorporating fabric paint to the legs to give them a bit more detail and depth. I hope you like him as much as I do.