This is my first creepy crawly that has been added to a hair clip. I went for a wasp because of the colours, vivid black and gold stripes and I loved the idea of him floating above the head. He’s made from a mixture of felt and cotton with a black soft netting covering his body.

This was very much a trial and error creation. I tinkered with the organza wings and while I am still very pleased with how they turned out, it’s only by looking at my later winged beasties, that I realise how tatty they look. But that could be said to be part of the charm I suppose.

I love wire, this black memory wire gives the wasp mobility and I love how it can be altered  in relation to the head.

Hanging by a Thread…..

I have finally got round to sorting out a blog for my wee beasties. I already have a website for Hanging by a Thread but just don’t have the time to devote to tweaking it. I’m relatively au fait with WordPress having used it for my old blogging days as an expat so thought this would be a better platform (as well as easier) for showcasing my work.

I’ve been creating these textile creepy crawlies since November 2013 – it was a progression from some organza and silk beaded jellyfish which I did for a textiles project – when I was asked by my daughter to make a couple of spider hair clips for her hairdressing project at college.

I’m going to show you a few of my early spiders and I would like to think that the standard of my work has improved.


As you can see, they were very basic. It’s taken me several months to refine some of the methods and I know I’m still learning as I go. I hope I never stop learning.

If you want to see some of my earlier work that brought me to this point, I’m putting them into a gallery post which you’ll be able to find in the archives.